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March 8–10, 2017, Dallas, Texas


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“You will gain an appreciation for your role in alternative education and the positive impact that you can have on the lives of your students based on your approach and attitude in interacting with them.  You will gain a sense of hope that you are not alone and there are so many other administrators, counselors and teachers out there that love and prefer to work with students who provide such a ‘challenge.’ Many of them take this positive approach because they have developed a ‘method’ to better equip them to manage…which they are more than READY to share!  As a result, you will gather new ideas and solutions among your new colleagues and/or friends regarding Alternative Education around the country.” – Tessa Burchfield, Education Specialist, Sr. Mississippi Department of Education

“NAEA is a professional organization which is moving Alternative Education to new levels of professionalism not experienced before.” – Linda Walker, Arkansas Delegation


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